TV Stand Review : Tech Craft HBL52

Hi All ,

This is different post then usual . I recently got a new TV stand for a 55 inch TV (Samsung un55c8000 ) . I wanted to write a review because its such a beautiful stand. So lets get to it .The box it comes in looks something like this :

TV Stand Box

Next, a picture of all the parts and pieces. The directions say no tools required although you will need a Phillips screwdriver for a couple of screws.

Now each part is labeled with a number . The “5’s” go on the sides . The “6’s” Go on top. Here is a look at what it should look like.

There are 2 long straight pieces that basically support the shelves . The frame is very light but very strong as well .

The next step is attaching the back plate . The back plate is where you slide the 2 shelves in (It has these slots for each shelf ) . Also the 2 holes for cable management. There has been a lot of reviews saying the screw that attaches the back plate doesn’t fit . In my experience I had to put some muscle behind it to start the screw then it got easier. So it does fit.

At this point once you have the frame put together move it close to where your going to install it because the shelves are heavy . They are tempered glass .. Here is a picture :

There are 3 of these : 2 same size ones (the second and bottom Shelf and one large one that sits on top of the stand . )

Here is the finished product . (Sorry its a bit dark )

All in all this is an awesome stand . Very modern and at an awesome price. The box it comes in is heavy so the UPS guy won’t like delivering it to your house but it is all good 🙂 .

Hope you enjoyed this review.