Advanced Function Parameters

Hi Folks ,

Not a long post but I just wanted to mention that I had emailed the scripting guys about help on creating  parameters that get passed to advanced functions because the syntax looks strange to me . Ed Wilson emailed me back right away (Thank you Ed ) and gave me some information that will help me out that I wanted to pass on. I read Ed’s windows Powershell book which was about 1.0 and I was very impressed with it . He also has Powershell Version 2 best practices out now that I may pick up in the near future here.

To get more information about advanced function parameters you can simple get help in powershell by entering this in the console .Wealth of information here :

Help about_Functions_Advanced_Parameters

Also by downloading the powershell SDK  here.

The powershell SDK I believe is part of the Windows SDK now.

Hope this helps 🙂 .