Just Some quick Notices

This has been mentioned on other blogging sites but I wanted to put some links in my blog to some of this stuff.

Scott Herold Blog on Vmware and PowerGui


Microsoft Powershell team with a little Screencast action :


A really cool series on Regex stuff if you don’t know what this is then please check it out :


Get the latest version of Powergui :

Version 1.6



A word about the  Powershell ISE and PowerGui . I use PowerGui … I think that Powershell ISE is great but I wish that Microsoft would just let the 3rd party companies handle this . I know that Powershell ISE is a CTP app right now and I’m sure it will be great but Powergui is just awesome . I think Quest does a great job with these types of things .

Just my .02 cents .

Happy Post Holidays