Something Else to Talk About (Upgrading the PS3 Hard drive )

Hi Folks ,


 I had gotten recently a PS3 with a 40 GB had drive and decided to get a 250 GB drive to replace it  . I got a Samsung (the same Hard drive PS3’s come with ) 250GB 5400 2.5 drive . It was very easy replacing the hard drive . If you do a search on Google you will find multiple sites . Even Youtube has some videos on it . So I’m not going to get into it . What I wanted to explain is 2 things :

I think they re-engineered the PS3 because my PS3 Hard drive slides straight in as apposed to Sideways like earlier models . Also the screws were a pain to unscrew (if you have the wrong tools you need precision tools Philips ) .


Now for the part that  took me a long time to find out . So I replaced the Drive booted up expecting to format the drive but got an error stating that the system needed 2.20 Firmware (Software to load ) . I originally thought I had a bad drive and most people might think the same . No matter how you slice it …it looked as though I was stuck . I searched the Internet to find out if anyone else ran into this problem . One person I found had so here is what you need to do .

After replacing the Hard drive plug in a Flash drive with the 2.20 update on it but create the following file structure on the flash drive .

PS3>Update>(Your 2.20 firmware upgrade file ) . Remember that your flash drive has to be FAT32 .

When you boot up the system it will say it cannot start unless you reformat with the 2.20 software and it tells you to press the 2 middle buttons on he controller (Start and the other one forgot the name ) simultaneously. It will then look at the flash drive and proceed to format your new hard drive and you will good to go .


Hope this helps someone .