Microsoft Test 70-292 MCSA 2003

Hi Folks ,


 Well I finally passed this Microsoft test after 3 times failing . I’m not ashamed to admit it either because a lot of people failed this one . They were supposed to retire this test along with 70-296 but they extended it until May (I think ) .

By the forth time I was like if I pass I pass whatever . The last time I didn’t even study one bit . I managed to get  a 775 .


So some pointers if you have failed a bunch of times and are trying to pass before the deadline . Do not beat yourself up over the test . Its very tough on technical stuff but also tough on points (its weighted heavily ) So what I would do is take it very relaxed . Use Microsoft’s second chance .

Do know your DNS like the back of your hand . That will give you a good chance to pass but know everything else as well SUS ,Terminal Services , Certificates ,active directory .They do not give you much of a margin so know that going in . Try not to take it personl which I did the first few times . I thought I had passed all three times only to find out I was not even close .

700 to pass 40 questions . The earlier version of the test was 50 questions and much easier . Lucky Us right ?


Just relax and you will do it . I’m sure .