I won a copy of Powershell Analyzer

Hi Folks ,

 I have not been blogging much . I have though been listening to a lot of Podcasts which are really cool . These guys do it for free which is very impressive being that they all have busy lives working in the IT industry and for them to take the time to create these podcasts is remarkable in itself .

Here are the podcasts I listen too :




They are all on itunes if you do a search you will see them . I recently won a prize ( I never win anything ) from the cmdlet contest they had at powerscripting and CoupleofAdmins podcasts . Its called Powershell Analyzer http://www.powershell.com/analyzer/

Its an IDE environment for powershell .Check it out .

So many things have been happining . Windows 2008 and Vista SP1 have been released . I have just upgraded my Home network to Windows 2008 and it is awesome .SQL Server 2008 has been delayed . The Winter Scripting games 2008 Games have finished . I competed in 3 beginner games . I wish I had the time to do more but work got in the way ( I hate that ) . I have been  looking for a new Job which has been taking up my time as well .

That’s why I have not been posting allot . I also been thinking about getting my own website . This blog is great but I would like more control over it and have storage space to do what I like to do . Well that’s it for now .